Dashboard & Sales Funnel Services

99H for sales

To crush quotas, sales teams need more than data. They need insights to help them enhance their pipeline today, and drive future revenue.

Make your funnel more functional.

It doesn't make sense to forecast deals in one place and track rep performance in another. 99H brings all the sales metrics you care about into a single dashboard so you can see everything in context—from the top of the funnel to bottom-line revenue. Here's how it's done:

connect to the sales

Connect to the sales data you need.

visualize your data

Prepare and visualize your data with ease.

Ask questions and take action

Ask questions and take action where your data lives.

Always be closing.

Insights drive action, not data. 99H delivers end-to-end visibility—from first touch to closed deal—to help you get more leads across the finish line.

Real-time visibility.

Correlate spikes or dips in your sales funnel without waiting on reports to better allocate resources and zero in on neglected opportunities.

Improved forecasting.

Analyze data at every point in the sales funnel—and between sales periods—to identify new opportunities, manage risks, set better quotas, and retain more customers.

Better pipeline management.

Give your sales managers a reliable view of open and closed deals, most neglected leads and upcoming deals likely to close.

Manage opportunities on the go.

Deals don't wait for you to get back to the office. Keep tabs on your pipeline, wherever you happen to be.

sales development

Run a better sales org.

Good hiring isn't all you need to run a killer sales organization. 99H brings all the sales information you care about together in one place, so you can see the big picture view of your sales funnel, rank reps by performance, and make faster, better-informed business decisions.

better sales

Get your team up to speed.

Empower sales leadership to identify everything from average time to hit quota, to rep specific deal history.

Foster healthy competition.

Give your entire team visibility into who's chasing the big accounts, crushing quotas, and sealing deals.

A solution for every role.


Pipelines can always run more efficiently and new territories always need more nurturing. With a holistic view of your entire sales operation in one place, 99H breaks things down into manageable parts.

  • Zero in on neglected opportunities
  • Monitor deals that are next in line to close
  • Track period-over-period sales development
leadership sales