Marketing Automation

Marketing automation made simple.

Capture, convert, and measure engagement across all your marketing campaigns.

99H Marketing Automation helps you deliver tailored, relevant messages to your members throughout their journey with your organization. Save your staff time by focusing on the strategic elements of email marketing instead of manual, repetitive tasks. Deliver superior campaigns with dedicated marketing automation resources including built-in best practices and activity tracking. Use insights to drive your future marketing efforts and improve ROI by increasing engagement.

99H Marketing Automation supports:

Is it time to upgrade your email marketing program? Marketing Automation takes your marketing to the next level with tools like campaigns, lead scoring, sophisticated landing pages, and website tracking.

  • Creating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Automating repetitive tasks and manual processes
  • Analyzing campaign performance
  • Collecting more actionable insight into member and prospect engagement
marketing automation


Configurable marketing automation

Build a successful pipeline for lead generation and sales enablement with acquisition tools built for success. Create processes and track conversions for every stage of your member's lifecycle. Use flexible, configurable marketing automation tools to generate, manage, and measure the impact of any personalized content. Track your engagement, conversion, and campaigns with easy-to-use reporting and graphics.


Out-of-the-box marketing automation

Attract and retain members efficiently and effectively by automating and personalizing your communications, so every member receives exactly what they need. Drag-and-drop designer tools are easy to use (no HTML needed) and empower your marketing team to create any new marketing assets. Track and report on every action in your member communications, so your marketing team can focus on renewal, recruitment, and event registration.


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