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Office 365 Top to bottom Solution

Sharepoint Platform

Our SharePoint team has expertise in delivering SharePoint solutions in line with all the platform’s deployment models:

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Cloud (SharePoint Online). A great choice for small, midsize, and large businesses, as it allows reducing costs without compromising on functionality.

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On-premises (SharePoint 2016). It’s preferable for enterprises that are obliged to store all the content on-premises due to strict compliance regulations and can afford ongoing investments to maintain a big server farm.

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Hybrid. The model is suitable for businesses that want to keep core content on-premises while using Office 365 applications.

SharePoint Online

Our solutions based on SharePoint Online bring in the extensive capabilities of the platform:

  • Infrastructure. SharePoint Online doesn’t require servers and hardware to give users access to the environment.
  • Storage. 1TB of initial storage in SharePoint Online with additional 10GB per licensed user.
  • Upgrade. Microsoft has full control over the cloud environment. SharePoint Online is upgraded automatically and free of charge. Besides, the cloud deployment of SharePoint is always the first to get upgrades as compared to the on-premises deployment.
  • External user access. SharePoint Online already comes with the ability to connect external users.
  • Mobility. SharePoint Online can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • Customization. SharePoint Online offers limited custom development.
  • Reliability. Microsoft guarantees the uptime of 99.9%.
  • Backups. Microsoft uses multiple layers of redundancy and backups in their data centers.
Sharepoint Infrastructure
  • Internet reliability. SharePoint Online is dependent on the Internet connection.
  • Security. SharePoint Online uses disks with BitLocker encryption and secures traffic with SSL over HTTP. The platform also features multifactor authentication and data loss prevention.
  • Compliance. SharePoint Online is compliant with most regulations across industries: HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, FERPA, SSAE 16, etc.

SharePoint on-premises

ScienceSoft’s team also has a profound experience in delivering solutions and services for the on-premises deployment of SharePoint. If you opt for SharePoint 2016, for example, you should keep in mind the peculiarities of SharePoint on-premises:

  • Infrastructure. The on-premises deployment of SharePoint requires investing in servers, hardware and IT team. It highly depends on systems and services such as SQL Server, the Internet Information Service and more. An organization also needs a professional IT team to install and manage updates and patches, create and test backups, detect and deal with bottlenecks, set up security features, etc.
  • Storage. Storage is bound by the physical limits of the infrastructure.
  • Upgrade. Updates and new tools are available at a later date as compared to SharePoint Online. However, an in-house administrator has full control over the on-premises environment and can choose when to do upgrading or patching.
  • Customization. SharePoint on-premises is fully customizable.
  • Internet reliability. SharePoint on-premises is not dependent on the Internet connection.
  • Security. As compared to SharePoint Online, in SharePoint on-premises, access to sensitive data can be limited to the corporate network or VPN.
  • Compliance. As information is stored in house, SharePoint on-premises is compliant with strict compliance requirements.
sharepoint onpremis

Office 365 Environment

Office 365 is a cloud-based source of productivity software, applications for team collaboration, project management, data analytics, etc. We help businesses to find a perfect set of applications tailored to their needs that can form an effective employee digital workplace.

Office-365 Environment

Office 365 offers:

  • Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote).
  • File storage (OneDrive).
  • Enterprise & team collaboration (SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Yammer).
  • Videos & presentations (Stream, Sway).
  • Emailing & calendaring (Exchange, Outlook, Calendar).
  • Task & project management (Planner, Project Online).
  • Business Application Platform (Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Forms).
  • Search (Delve).
  • Analytics (Power BI).

Sharepoint & Office 365 Solutions

Having implemented 100+ SharePoint and Office 365 projects, ScienceSoft’s experts are proficient in transforming the platforms’ environment into diverse solutions:

sharepoint office-365
  • Intranets. We know how to balance business and social features to create powerful intranets for effective company-wide collaboration.
  • Portals. We create full-fledged portal solutions to help businesses to establish and maintain strong ties with customers, partners, and vendors.
  • Public websites. We design flexible public websites that support various content types and are easy to manage, maintain, and use.
  • Document management solutions. Our comprehensive document management solutions ensure well-structured storing, easy search, and sharing of all the company’s documents.
  • Contract management solutions. We deliver smart contract management solutions that provide complete automation of a contract’s lifecycle from its initiation to e-signing and implementation.
  • Workflow management solutions. We implement out-of-the-box and custom, linear and non-linear workflows to make business processes more productive and less time-consuming.
  • Knowledge management solutions. We develop SharePoint solutions with advanced knowledge management functionality for effective handling of explicit and tacit knowledge in your organization.
  • Project management solutions. We provide comprehensive project management solutions that facilitate project planning and task tracking and improve team collaboration, accountability, and performance.
  • Innovation management solutions. Our solutions facilitate comparison and selection of ideas, evaluation, and approval, as well as tracking of innovation progress.
  • SharePoint add-ins. We offer various add-ins to enrich the functionality of SharePoint and Office 365 environment.


Besides delivering full-fledged SharePoint solutions, ScienceSoft offers a range of related services to the customers to help them make the best of SharePoint capabilities at any stage of a solution’s planning, implementation or tuning:

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SharePoint & Office 365 consulting

Either you want to develop a new SharePoint solution or tune, modify or migrate the existing one, our SharePoint experts are always ready to consult you on such issues as:

  • Analyzing your business needs and choosing a suitable solution.
  • Selecting proper integrations to enrich functionality of SharePoint or Office 365 environment.
  • Deciding upon a solution’s design options to increase user adoption.
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SharePoint & Office 365 implementation

Our SharePoint professionals will assist you in fulfilling any implementation task. Among other services, we offer organizations:

  • Developing comprehensive custom solutions or separate custom features to enhance business processes.
  • Seamless integrating with enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, HR, Exchange Server, etc.
  • Honoring corporate branding through tailor-made design, making a SharePoint solution an integral part of the unique organizational culture.
  • Developing custom handy add-ins that will enrich SharePoint solutions.
  • Ensuring high performance and durability of SharePoint solutions through professional quality assurance.
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SharePoint & Office 365 migration

Our SharePoint team is ready to carry out the smooth changing of a solution’s version or deployment model. We perform migration according to the following scenarios:

  • Migration of an on-premises SharePoint solution to a newer version of the platform (SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016).
  • Migration of an on-premises SharePoint solution to the cloud (Office 365, SharePoint Online).
  • Hybrid migration. The solution combines the functionality of the on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Migration of a hybrid solution to the cloud.
  • Migration of third-party solutions to SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online, Office 365.
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SharePoint & Office 365 support

To ensure the effective and smooth functioning of SharePoint solution, our skilled consultants and developers offer all-inclusive support and maintenance services. We provide the following support services:

  • Training. ScienceSoft offers training assistance to help organizations easily adopt and use our SharePoint solution.
  • On-demand support. Our team swiftly (within 8-16 business hours) addresses the most crucial cases to keep business processes uninterrupted. On-demand support includes verifying and debugging coding errors, solving architecture and hardware issues, tuning features and applications, addressing user authentication issues, etc.
  • Continuous maintenance. Our experts maintain flawless operation and refine SharePoint solutions making them more effective. This model involves such services as user support, solving technical issues, system updating, security auditing, integration, customization, etc.
  • Health check services. It includes monitoring your SharePoint environment, detecting performance and security gaps and fixing them.


Choosing ScienceSoft as your SharePoint vendor, you’ll get a powerful and reliable solution supported by full-cycle services.