Search Engine Optimization

        It is estimated that about 80-85% of the new visitors to your website come through results thrown up by search engines - making it imperative to optimise your website for these very search engines. In other words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website “search engine friendly”.As per analysis, it is known that visitors sent to your website by search engines are genuine and prospective customers who spend a significant time searching for your website and visit the maximum number of pages. If your website carries adequate information about your products and services, your business visitors generally send you online enquiries.Millions of businesses adds products and services related pages every day. And, every business hopes to feature prominently among the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Whenever a prospective buyer seeks information about a particular product or service, a website correctly been optimised through Search Engine Optimization SEO process ranks prominentlySEO Company In MumbaiSearch engines are complex algorithms known as spiders, robots or crawlers. Simply put, these are software used to check your website for understanding its content, evaluating its relevance and adherence to search results standards, etc. They then save these results into a large proprietary databases. Every time there is a search query, the search engine retrieves your website information from the database and presents the same to the user.Based on our experience we understand how search engine spiders behave when selecting your site and ranking it higher for a given search. While top search engine listings cannot be guaranteed, following a systematic SEO Search Engine Optimization process based on certain ground rules can ensure that you obtain prominent ranks in 90% of the cases.At Image Online a website designing company, our aim is to make your website so powerful that it can reach out to your potential customers as soon as they search for your products and services.

        We follow a highly technical and structured Search Engine Optimization process for creating search engine friendly websites. Be it a Custom website designing or WordPress website development This involves presenting designs, codes, content and tags in such a way that search engines can easily understand and list them. This helps them present the same on relevant Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).To being with, we understand your business and its products and services that help you generate keywords for your business. Using this list of keywords and certain technical tools, we suggest alternate / additional keywords.Once the keywords list is finalised, our technical team takes over and follows the website designing guidelines laid down by search engines. We also incorporate the same for content, images and coding.Most popular search engines have specific website designing and submission guidelines - it is a way to let them know that your new website is ready to be listed. Our team manually visits these search engines submission pages and ensures that your website is registered with them for evaluation.Tell us about your business rules and your marketing information - we take care of all the technical requirements!

SEO – Roles and Responsibilities in Search Engine Optimization Process

Digital marketing has two key components. First is the business aspect, and the second is the technical aspect.

        In Search Engine Optimization, the boundaries for roles and responsibilities are not well defined. While you do not need to learn the details, you need know how it works. This way, you will be well placed to provide business inputs like content, relevant keywords, specific images, and copy that your digital marketing agency will need.

Having said that I want you to go through SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Process and then understand who does what and why?

Task Actor
1. Keywords List
  • 15 to 20 Keywords.
  • Keywords should be given in the order of priority.
  • Keywords should not be repeated.
You As A Business Owner
2. Analyze Keywords Rankings & Keyword Suggestions
  • Rankings for the keywords (as per keyword list from step1)
  • Keywords suggestions
3. Finalization of Keywords
  • Final Keyword List (as per keyword list from Step 2)
You As A Business Owner
4. Title & Description
  • Page wise Keywords & Rules to be kept in mind for making title & description will be sent.
5. Title & Description
  • Title & Description for each page has to be made keeping the keywords for the page & rules in mind (as per step 4)
6. Optimization Agency
7. Search Engine Registration Agency