Dedicated Services

Your Managed Hosting Needs Are Unique.

Build a Dedicated Server Configuration to Match.

99H understands that your business and IT needs are unique. That’s why we offer managed dedicated servers with a broad array of server configuration, networking, and managed service options. You can tailor your managed hosting solution to your precise requirements for your virtual or VMWare private cloud.

Why Choose 99H Managed Dedicated Servers?

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You’re in Control

A dedicated, single-tenant environment offers numerous configuration options, predictable billing, root-level access to resources, and an easy-to-use portal.

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Maximum Power

Our servers are optimized for performance-dependent applications and high-IOP databases.

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Private Cloud Configurations

With the option to run a hypervisor of your choice, you can make the most of your resource pool.

Key Features of Hostway Managed Dedicated Servers

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99H Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect creates secure, dedicated network connectivity between public clouds and private clouds inside of 99H’s data centers. This enables a faster, more predictable performance, and a cost savings of up to 70% on bandwidth charges.

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Fast, Reliable Servers

Our managed dedicated servers utilize powerful and dependable Dell servers with a flexible processor/core, memory, and on-board storage options.

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Storage & Data Protection

With multiple storage options and managed backup, we support a variety of use cases and price points.

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Secure Networking

Select from a range of Cisco and Brocade networking gear. Enjoy enhanced security with BAE’s HIPAA compliant and PCI compliant essentials packs.

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Optimum Virtualization

Run best of breed hypervisors for maximum resource utilization in your virtual private cloud.

Use Cases

Managed hosting is ideal for use cases that require a high degree of control over resources and compute performance.

Migrate Key Workloads

Requiring the performance, security, and control of a dedicated environment.

SaaS & Web Apps

Apps that require a multi-tier architecture, such as a web front end, app server, or high IOP database, are a great fit for managed servers.

Dev & Test

Often run on a virtualized dedicated server, so developers can quickly build, test, and deploy applications to production.

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